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Our office understands that when people hire a Bail Agent, they are often experiencing very stressful situations. These people need someone who cares about them. MUGSHOT BAIL BONDS makes sure our clients not only receive high-quality service, but also the support and resources they deserve. All agents at Mugshot Bail Bonds are professionally trained and licensed by the California Department Of Insurance. 

For many years, MUGSHOT BAIL BONDS has been providing expert assistance everywhere in Los Angeles County with an experienced team of Bail agents.



  • We promote and protect the standard that not only are you innocent until proven guilty, but that it is your right to be released on bail prior to trial.
  • All information given to our staff will be kept confidential and will be handled professionaly in a non judgemental manner.
  • We provide you with a clean professional and pleasant environment and will be treated with dignity and respect by our staff. 

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We come to your home take care of all necessary documents in order to get your loved one out as soon as possible, and save you the headache and stress of dealing with having a loved one in jail


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MUGSHOT BAIL BONDS services all city and county jails in the State of California.

As an alternative to cash bail is the posting of a surety bond which is also known as a bail bond. This process involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by an admitted insurance company having adequate assets to satisfy the face value of the bond.Mugshot Bail Bonds. guarantees to the court that they will pay the bond forfeiture if a defendant fails to appear for the designated court appearances. Mugshot Bail Bonds. guarantee is made through a surety company such as Lexington Insurance.

For this service, the defendant is charged a premium. And will then be released by posting of a bail bond, the defendant, relative or friend, will usually contact Mugshot Bail Bonds, an agency licensed by the State of California to post Bail Bonds. Before a bond is posted, we will negotiate with the Co signer guaranteeing the surety bond, as well as the defendant and relatives of the defendant, as part of the approval procedure for the bond.

By involving family and friends, as well through the acceptance of collateral if necessary, Mugshot Bail Bonds can be assured the defendant being released on a bail bond will appear at his/her designated court dates, as required, until the case is completed. 

Once an agreement is made, we will complete the application and post the bail bond for the full amount of the bail to guarantee the defendant's return to court. 

Once a defendant is released on a bail bond posted by Mugshot Bail Bonds, they will meet with an agent to be interviewed and go over the terms and conditions of bail. At Mugshot Bail Bonds, we strive to make this process as simple as possible. All we ask is for defendants appearance to all court dates and to communicate with our company until his/her case is exonerated. 

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